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When blues legends K.C. Douglas penned the lines, “I'm crazy 'bout a Mercury,” he was probably dreaming of a car much like “Wasabi,” the tricked out '50 Merc created by the innovative team at Hi-Speed Rods & Customs (and at press time, bound for the Meguiar booth at the prestigious SEMA Show). With an ever-changing inventory of classic muscle cars, boulevard cruisers, Harleys and iconic vehicles of yesteryear for sale, plus the ability to build any sort of one-of-a-kind ride you can imagine, this shop is like a giant candy store for grown-up kids. Co-owners John Sewell (who also operates Formula 1 Automotive Arts), Johnny Vegas and Anthony Ribeau have a lot of experience at everything from knock-your-eyes-out paint jobs to full restorations. And their enthusiasm for what they're doing is truly infectious. With prices on classic cars rising exponentially, more than one buyer has turned to them as an investment for the future (not to mention, when was the last time you fired up your stock portfolio and cruised Speedway?). Hi-Speed Rods & Customs, 839 E. 17th St., 623-1973.






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