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Woodie Gilmore 179" Digger

Looking for history on this 179" Woody Gilmore Chassis and complete body. Chassis seems to be unmolested except for the NHRA safety modifications that were installed to keep the car legal. ( 6 pt cage, kidney bars, battery shut off, foot brake.) All of the Chassis upgrades were expertly performed by Richard Straub of SMF co. back in the 80's-90's. He also handcrafted the dash and some of the body panels. We do have the original foot brace and hand brake lever as seen in photos. If anybody recognizes this car information on its former glory would greatly help the direction of proper restoration. Same owner here in tucson for the last 15 years. Richard seemed to remember that this may have been one of Pete Robinsons cars. Another fellow here in town believed it was driven by Larry Pettit and has a picture of the car in his backyard. Cowl said "blood did it" Either way it is a hell of a nice body and chassis that could be put back to original or legal to race as is in a slower class.




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