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1938 Ford Woodie
Gregg Seaholm recently purchased this completly stock '38 from Wes Aplanalp's Woodies USA in Cave Creek, Arizona and brought it directly to the Hi-Speed shop for a few modifications. His plan is to have a weekend cruiser to drive back and forth to the Seaholm boat that is docked in San Diego. First on the agenda was to replace the stock Flathead V-8 and tranny with a small-block Chevy crate motor and a GM 4-speed automatic. The stock suspension has been updated to include a Heidt's independent with disc brakes in ftont and a Ford 8-inch under the rear. A Vintage Air AC/heat unit was installed for passenger comfort on those long hauls across the Arizona/California desert. This custom installation also includes rear air for daughters Abbigail and Samantha. Gregg must be very happy with his new car since he just brought us a stock '39 Woodie to redo for him. Check out the Projects Page for updates on that car!

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