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West Coast Choppers "Death Dealer"

If you are a fan of Jesse James and his creations at West Coast Choppers you know this bike well, it was Jesse's personal ride. Known Publicly as the “Death Dealer”, “Mighty Whitey CFL” at the shop, and “Barfly” in the line of die cast toys made after it. Built in honor of the late Frank Frazetta, all Artwork was done by La Valle with renditions from Frazettas Death Dealer comic. La Valle was the creator of the “realistic flame.” Jeff Decker created the bronze “Flying Skull” mounted on the top tree. Jeff does amazing one off bronze motorcycle sculptures, many featured at the Harley Davidson Museum . The air cleaner and other accessories were hand engraved by Tay Herrera.  H&L Performance built the one off 131 in engine boasting 165 RWHP. Engine is backed by a Baker 6 speed.  This was Jesse's  personal bike for 3+ years and is the most famous and well known to his fans. The movie “Motorcycle Mania 3” begins with Jesse riding this bike and popping wheelies while on the freeway, a testament to it power. Besides being featured throughout the Discovery Channels movie “Motorcycle Mania 3” starring Jesse James and Kid Rock, it has showed up repeatedly in Magazines and over 12 double and full page shots of it in Jesse James' book,  “I am Jesse James.”  This bike would appeal not only to Fans of Jesse James and his work, but also to the many diehard Frank Frazetta art collectors. This bike runs flawlessly, rides amazingly, and draws crowds wherever it goes. Still in Show Condition. Truly one of the Baddest bikes ever built.

Link to video of Jesse riding the bike can be seen HERE.

Also included are pictures of the bike in "I am Jesse James" and a line of die-cast toys.


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