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1973 International Uteliner
Summers Here, load up the kids and head for Wally World! 1973 UteLiner motor home with believed to be actual 13,700 miles. I purchased it almost 2 years ago with only 12,500 miles on the odometer from the 2nd owner. It was in good running shape, but to be sure of its road -worthiness I re-cored the radiator and holding tank, replaced all belts and hoses, installed new distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, and wires. I upgraded the AC to a new sanden rotary style compressor, installed a new condensor and dryer, and ran all new o-ring style hoses. New tires were also purchased at that time (spare is still original and in good shape) The brakes had been gone through by the second owner before me, so i inspected them and they looked great. (they work exceptional also) We flushed the transmission fluid and replaced the filter. I replaced the stock shifter to a B&M performance shifter on the floor. The Uteliner was made in Utah, and the company was only in business for 3 years thanks to the gas crunch of 71. It was very highly regarded as one of the finest motorhomes of the time. This beast is 28 feet long, and runs on a International chassis and driveline (345 cu in. I believe) Engine is backed by a 727 torqueflight automatic transmission. This baby is loaded with options including a hydraulic self leveling system( works) Central Vacuum system with attachments( works) huge satellite dish that works by remote (which is missing as well as the tracking unit, but the dish looks cool on top) Roof AC works great as well as the dash ac when driving. Fridge is propane and works perfectly. all interior lights work except for one reading light. Furnace works but was finicky on our last trip (kept shutting off) Holding tank, sink, and shower work fine but we never used them. Toilet is inop, but to be honest I never tried to get it to work. The Generator is a huge ONAN with 198 hours on it. It only had 82 original hours on it when I purchased the motorhome. It works fine but you have to manually work the choke until it warms up.) You can also plug the motorhome into 120v and city water.Outside is faded, but still presentable. We put new tailights on because the original ones were sun faded. All exterior lights work including blinkers. We installed new sunroof vents because the old ones were rotted by the sun. Interior is amazingly clean. Shag green carpet has some stains here and there (mostly by the side door and drivers area. Stove is like new and works great. Interior has some wear areas from age on the seats. The window shades are still real nice and fully functional but the dingle balls keep falling off (a little dry and only held on by a string) The front windshield shade wraps all the way around. The mattress above the drivers area is new, but the window shades up there are dry rotted and need to be replaced. The dinner table area turns into a bed but we never tried and it looks complicated. All of the wood and cabinets are in EXCELLENT condition. Countertops are in great shape also. Drivers seat swivels, radio works great and has a tape deck. You can turn on and off the rear speakers by a push of a button. Side canopy ripped on us last time we took it out so it needs new canvas. All of the gauges work as well as both windshield wipers. The driver side heater core leaked a little so we disconnected it. (easy to get to) This rig drives great and can cruise on the highway at 60-65 comfortably. ( it will go faster but I dont like to run the rpms up too high) Transmission shifts great, power steering and brakes make it an ease to manuever. It is a little underpowered on big hills, but I have taken it to the white mountains which requires you to drive up the salt river canyon(very steep) and it made it fine. No overheating problems even on the hills. I have personally put over 1000 trouble free miles on her. Tons of fun and it really takes you back to the 70's when you are hanging out inside. Own the road in style! Comes with a huge stack of operating manuals for everything.

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