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1970 Nova Drag Car


1970 Nova drag Car that is well sorted and ready to compete.


Bottom end ..... 1972 "High nickel" 454 truck block bored. 060 and stroked to
496 cubic inches. Water jackets filled with "HardBloc" to bottoms of water pump holes.
Moroso 8qt. deep sump oil pan. Moroso "hand blueprinted" high volume oil pump.
LA Enterprises "Kryptonite" solid billet stroker crankshaft, (4 .250 stroke). Eagle "Hbeam"
forged steel connecting rods. (.250 longer than stock). JE forged pistons, (not the
cheaper SRP ones, these are the real JE's) 13 '1/2 : 1 compression ratio. Moroso oil
windage tray. All 5 main bearings have been converted to 4 bolt mains. ATl Super
Damper. Moroso aluminum high flow stock style water pump with electric drive.
Accu-Sump 2 1/2 qt. oil accumulator. All fasteners are ARP.
Top end ..... New Dart 325 "Pro- 1 " heads, ported and gasket matched by Davidson
Racing engines with Manley 2.250 and 1 .88 valves with Manley "Nex-Tek" valve
springs and titanium retainers. Cometic MLS head gaskets. Dart adjustable pushrod
guides. Comp."ProMagnum" chrome-moly roller rocker arms. Dart rocker arm stud
girdles. Smith Brothers pushrods. Lunati roller lifters. Lunati roller camshaft, (.744
& .714 lift)
Induction ..... Dart intake manifold, (gasket matched and runners "cleaned up").
AED modified Holley 850 carb with polished venturi's, thinned throttle shafts, increased
vacuum signal set-up for quick throttle stop response, (this carb was custom built for this
car by AED). Wet flows 965 cfrn on flow bench. Dedenbear TS l throttle stop with
secondary butterfly plates and 1 : 1 linkage.
Ignition ." .. All MSD components including: Flying magnet crank trigger ignition,
Pro-billet distributor, 6AT ignition box, Sof-touch rev control box, Starter-Saver auto
retard box, Blaster III high secondary tower coil. Accel Race 300 spark plug wires.
NGK ''U" groove spark plugs. (indexed to clear pistons).
Exhaust.. ... Hooker 2 '1/4" Supercomp coated headers. Dyno-max 3 '1/2" bullet
style muffiers. Moroso pan-evac crankcase vents.
Transmission ..... Bob Sims built Powerglide with TCl .4Pro-brake, Kevlar low
gear band, extra clutch plate and steel added, clearanced accumulator, Continental 8"
convertor, (stalls at 6100 rpm but chipped to 5600 when on the trans-brake).
Electronics . . .Dedenbear RTD I delay box. Dedenbear 3 stage throttle stop
timer control box, (only first two stages used). MSD rpm activated switch for shift
solenoid operation, (shifts @ 6400rpm).
Rear axle .... Ford 9" truck housing. Moser 33 spline axles with Pontiac style
sealed axle bearings and wheel studs are on the larger 5 on 5 1/2' bolt circle. Moser nodular iron ''N' center section. Ford Racing "Daytona" style pinion support. Strange
large bearing spool. Richmond Gear ring and pinion, (4.88 : I ratio).
Suspension .. ... Art Morrison ladder bars and coils over Gabriel shocks in rear.
90/ 10 drag shocks in front.
Body modifications .... ,Front doors are gutted except for door latch, All
windows are Lexan except for rear window. Fiberglass hood and bumpers. 8 point
rollbar. "Poly" racing bucket seats. 3" 5-point racing seat harness.
Additional details: Paint is only 1-1/2 years old, color: "Wild Pomegranate" with
clear-coat and white "SS" stripes. 14 X 32 Hoosier slicks and Moroso drag front tires.
Centerline "Convo-Pro" wheels: 15X 14 rear and 15x 3-1/2 front.
Engine machine work and shortblock assembly by Art Davidson of Davidson
Racing Engines in Olympia, WA. Art specializes in Big Block Chev drag racing engines
and has been in the business for over 25 years. This engine not "Dyno'd" but Art
estimates it at about 780hp and 720 ft .Ibs. of torque.
There are only 16 passes on the engine, trans, and tires. This set-up with
approximately 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 seconds on the throttle stop timer lets the car run 10.90 @ 133
to 134 mph. I have never run the car "all out" but a realistic figure would be in the mid to
high 9's @ 138mph however. this would require the installation of the front half of the
rollcage to be NHRA "legal". An 1150 Dominator carb and matching throttle stop and
intake would probably let the car run low to mid 9's @ 140 to 142mph with taller. (4 .30
or 4.56 gears)
THIS CAR WORKS: Driving this car the previous owner has won three
NHRA Division 6 points races with it and have twice wound up as
the third place finisher in Division 6 Super-Street points at season



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