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1969 Jaguar E Type Coupe

Jaguar E-Types were the stuff of legend, they were dream cars from the get go and they brought the term "exec express" just a little closer to being a household name. Executives in fine suits arrived at the office in style, took significant others to dinner and attended country club events in E-Types. They lived the image. Besides, if the owner was so inclined and prepared, this car could be raced on the weekend. It was one of "those" cars, a machine that had a sort of Jekyll and Hyde personality—civil, restrained and subtle one moment and ready to rip up the track the next. But, as the 1960s gave way to the 1970s, regulations covering safety, emissions and even speed began to weigh heavy on automobile manufacturers. The E-Type transitioned well, growing into a larger, more refined vehicle, yet closely resembling the youthful, sprightly, smaller machine it once was. Much like a bottle of wine aging gracefully, developing a body and bouquet that rewards the soul with rich history and fantastic element, the E-Type matured into a fabulous, prized object of desire. Offered here is a 1969 E-Type Fixed Head Coupe in Regency Red with rechromed bumpers, a rebuilt and detailed suspension, overhauled brake system, and a matching-numbers 4.2L inline-6 cylinder engine block mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. The Beige interior has been refurbished, while the car features show-quality brightwork and a Jaguar Heritage Certificate will be included.


- Original body panels
- Matching numbers 4.2L engine block
- 4-speed transmission
- Rebuilt and detailed suspension
- Brake system has been overhauled
- Regency red with beige interior
- Refurbished interior
- Rechromed bumpers
- Wool carpets
- Show quality brightwork
- Jaguar Heritage Certificate

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