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1964 Porsche 356 c
1964 Porsche 356 c coupe. Practically a one owner car until just recently. This is a very original car with very interesting history. I purchased the car last year from Dorothy Hardin, the wife of the deceased Colonel Fariss Hardin who purchased this car from Josef Wagner Porsche in Augsburg while stationed in Germany from 1964 to 1968. She is in her 90's and had some great stories pertaining to the car including the many trips on the autobahn with this car and the 1959 356 carrera they traded in on this car because the colonels "friend" at the dealership told him that he would never be able to use all that power on the american road system. The colonel had the dealership remove the Carrera badge and headlight covers from the 59 and installed them on his car. The car was imported here in 1967 and has remained in sunny Tucson Arizona since. I have bills of sale for the 1959 356b and the 1964 356c you see here. Also a bill of sale from James T Myers to Colonel Hardin for the purchase of the 59 and what seems to be trade in paperwork for the 59 356b towards the 64 356c. (I am sorry if this is confusing but I do not read German and was unable to get the details from Dorothy. There are many pictures below of the paperwork, hopefully you can make better sense of it then I could) I have original sales receipts from Josef Wagner Porsche for the 356c including carbon copies. I also have import paperwork and an original envelope from the dealership from 1967. Also included is an original carbon copy letter to the US Treasury Dept from the Colonel stating that this car was his only means of transportation and that he completed all of the proper forms for duty free entry. Original manuals, complete tool kit, and leather straps for the ski rack still in the original box included. Dorothy did not know much along the lines of the mechanical and cosmetic work that had been performed over the years however after a close inspection of this vehicle I have a pretty good idea. This car sat relatively unrun for 2 years. There was a receipt for the tank being cleaned out in april of 08. The engine and transmission have been rebuilt and I would guess have less than a few thousand miles. It was way too clean even before we powerwashed the undercarriage. All of the boots, gaskets, and rust free bare metal parts look way too nice to have had any significant age or mileage. After I changed the oil, which looked fresh, this engine does not leak whatsoever. Engine and trans are # 's matching, evident by the 356 registry and the original sales receipts. We rebuilt the original Zenith carbs which looked new but had old gas in them. Air cleaners are correct and original. It was also evident that the entire brake system had been overhauled(probably at the same time the engine work was done.) They stuck on me so I cleaned out all 4 calipers, master cylinder, and replaced all the hoses. It stops excellent. All 5 wheels on the car are original and date coded 12-63. The michelin tires are still good but are probably 10+ years old. (2 are a little low on tread) This car appears to be completely rust free with the exception of the two jack mounts which were notorious for getting packed with dirt and rotting out. Floor pans are all original and very solid. Thyere are no holes or patches below the battery either. The body of this car has had one exterior repaint the original red color but is badly lacquer cracked from age and would need to be redone to be show quality. There is no evidence of any rust repair or major body damage ever. The passenger side fender has a scrape on the bottom and the rear valence below the bumper has evidence of body filler. Front valence is great and you can see was never smashed from the inside. All of the chrome is original and in good shape with no pits. P/S rocker strip has a scuff on the front tip but can be repaired.(same location as the front fender damage) All of the weatherstripping and felts are still in good shape. The interior is original and near perfect considering the age of this vehicle. Leather is not stiff and has only one scuff on the rear passenger door panel. Accessory floor mats cover a near perfect rubber mat. Headliner is perfect. Dash has the original paint and is also in excellent condition. All of the gauges work with the exception of the tach which broke while I was driving the car(needle fell off) All of the interior lights work including the gauge and radio lights. AM<FM radio works well. Wipers work. All exterior lights and turn signals work. Courtesy light goes on with passenger door only. All of the glass is original including the windshield. All in good shape with the exception of a few minor chips in the windshield and a large scuff on the passenger door glass. The car was always garaged and well taken care of while in Tucson. You would be hard pressed to find a nicer truly original and unmolested 356c. A high quality repaint would make this car exceptional. I have been regularly using this car for the past few weeks and it is truly a pleasure to drive. Excellent documentation and outstanding original condition make this a car for the serious collector.

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