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1940 Ford Woodie
1940 Ford Deluxe Woody Station Wagon. Recently acquired by one of our customers from a gentleman in the Los Angeles area who had owned the car since 1964. Car was parked in his garage in 1965 and did not see sunlight until 2006. The previous owner had attempted a cosmetic restoration but never got past removing the seats, varnish, and sheetmetal. The tailgate was also removed. None of the original lumber had ANY damage or repair. The exterior plywood inserts were delaminating however. We received the car with the intention of a full restoration, but after weeks of admiring it sitting in our showroom we decided to go another route. Make it safe to drive mechanically and electrically but keep it cosmetically original. We started with a good powerwashing of the drivetrain which we believe to be all original. Engine has a Ford "rebuilder" sticker on the front from a Los Angeles dealer with a 5 digit phone number. We powerwashed the beautiful original floor pans which were never undercoated. No patch panels anywhere on this floor. We put the car in the garage and within a day I had the engine purring like a sewing machine. We rebuilt the holley 94, new points and rotor in the distributor, and finished it off w/ new plugs and wires. We ordered a new reproduction wiring harness and rebuilt the generator. Radiator was recored and is as good as new. The fuel tank was removed and boiled out and new lines and a 6 volt pump were installed. All new master cylinder, wheel cylinders, and rubber hoses were replaced. All bearings were cleaned and packed. Original brake lines were cleaned. Tie rods were replaced. The tires were the same ones it rolled in on, and we never cleaned them. Nice Shape still. Next the wood. It had been stripped by the previous owner so it had no varnish. We tightened up all the loose joints and properly glued and clamped the loose spots. Exterior Birch Plywood panels were replaced as well as the tailgate plywood part. Front interior door plywood is still original. We stained the new panels to match the patina of the rest of the wood, then put 3 coats of Teak oil on it to protect it for more years of use. We voted against varnish to keep it low sheen. A new top was installed because the previous owner had removed it. Rain gutters were re-installed and are in great shape. All of the glass was unusable, so new glass and weatherstripping was installed. We weathered the new weatherstripping to match the car. All of the original screws were used on the body. The sheetmetal was great but had been stripped a little in the attempt to restore. The paint on the firewall was still good and original tan as well as under the hood and tailight, so we hamered out the few dents in the fenders and red oxide primed them. Our own Faux Paint master Johnny Vegas matched the existing paint on the fenders and the cherry hood. There is no mud in this car. We welded up a few small cracks in the fenders, hammered and filed out a few dents, and cleaned up the one and only patch panel on the car, a 4" area on the PS rear fender behind the wheel opening. Dash had been painted black at some point, so we painted it the original colors careful not to disturb the "Boyd H. Gibbons sales and service" decal on the passenger side of the dash. The seats had a cheap recover, so we refinished them in a vintage material with new foam for comfort. All of the original chrome and stainless was put back on the car. All of the 4 rims were blasted and repainted( all 5 date coded 4-16-40) and new tubes were installed. This car runs and drives flawlessly and is truly a blast to the past. It gets unmatched attention wherever it goes. Driving this car makes you feel like you were back in the 50's, heading to the beach to rip a few waves. This car is as unique and rare as it gets and is truly a reliable driver.

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