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1932 Ford Vicky Gasser
1932 Ford Victoria that has been in storage from 1971 until 2010. This rare vicky was raced in Nogales Mexico and Tucson Arizona in the mid 60's until 1971 when it was sold and stored for decades in Tucson. Unfortunately the body spent more time outside then the hood and grille which has taken its toll on the Nassau Blue metallic paint. It was built as a street racer early on and by the mid 60's the straight axle was added along with the roll bar. When the car came to me last year it had no engine or transmission, but was otherwise intact and in "as raced" condition. The original gold diamond tuck and roll interior was well preserved. The headliner was sunken in, so we had to redo all the filler panel wood but were able to re-install the original headliner. We removed a door panel to grease the window regulator and the door panels were signed on the back by the upholstery shop that trimmed them back in the 60's in Guaymas , Mx. All of the Stewart Warner guages are the originals from when the car was built. Body is very solid and straight with only some minor rust repair evident behind the doors in the lower quarters. Otherwise it is solid and original with rock solid floors. No patch panels anywhere, but some mud was used behind the doors on the bottom 2" of the front quarter. Front fenders are straight, but rebar was added under the front bead for extra ridgedness. Rear fenders are very nice but have a bit of rust on the front bottoms. Hood and grille are real nice. Cowl vent is rust free. Doors open and close great, driver window regulator is worn out. (window can be pushed up or down and stay where placed but it will need a new regulator. The 9" Ford rear end is a posi traction with huge ladder bars and tube type shocks. Front tube axle and hairpins were either hand built or a custom item from the era. I was told by the owner of 40+ years that the car was raced with a small block and a 4 speed... So I scrounged up an early 60's 327 block, fuelie heads, and a muncie 4 speed. The engine was completely rebuilt using all of the best parts internally. ARP studs, crane roller rockers, huge solid cam, and 12.5-1 pistons. (we fauxed the engine exterior to match the car) I topped it with an ultra rare McGurk intake and 6 stromburg 97's. Best part is it bolted right back in to the original mounts and we did not have to modify the driveshaft that came with the car. This car is fast, nasty sounding, and a handful to drive. It is also the only 1932 Ford Victoria I have seen that is still in its original gasser form from the 60's.

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